Put Your Educational Activities in Front of a Motivated Audience

More than 330,000 professionals hold ARRT certification and registration. Throughout their careers, they complete continuing education (CE) activities that help keep their qualifications—and their ARRT credentials—up to date.

ARRT guarantees that activities we have coded in our CE database will meet the following requirements for:

Beginning January 2018:
  • Structured education in pursuit of a credential using the postprimay pathway
  • CE assigned as part of an R.T.’s Continuing Qualifications Requirements
Beginning January 2020:
  • Biennial CE

Because of our guarantee, in the coming years R.T.s are likely to use our database as the primary source for finding their CE activities. As a CE sponsor, you’ll benefit by adding your activities to our database because you’ll be maximizing your course exposure to a large and motivated audience.

Add Your Activities to Our Database

To add your activities to our database and have them coded by us, log in or create an account below. If a RCEEM has already submitted any of your activities to us, they will already appear in your account. Be sure to review those activities, and update if needed. Then upload any new RCEEM-approved activities, following the instructions on screen.

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