Welcome! You’ve arrived at the page where you can create and maintain an online — free! — account with ARRT. Here’s where you’ll upload RCEEM-approved Category A and/or A+ CE for any and all R.T.s to view at arrt.org/FindCE. This online tool will catalog key information about your courses so R.T.s will know if and how they meet ARRT requirements.

ARRT’s evolving requirements can mean more business for you

R.T.s are looking for your courses for not only biennial CE requirements, but also structured education requirements associated with pursuing post-primary credentials and Continuing Qualifications Requirements (CQR) purposes.

CQR is designed to assess an R.T.’s knowledge after a 10-year period. Over time, technology advances and clinical practice changes, making it important to confirm that knowledge is up-to-date and ensuring that R.T.s remain qualified. When an R.T.’s self-assessment reveals areas of need, content-specific CE is assigned.

Beyond continuing education, R.T.s are looking for courses to help them earn the structured education required for post-primary eligibility.

That’s a lot of CE!

Get started!

Of course, creating this online tool and listing of your activities is entirely up to you, but we hope you will agree that the benefit is potential increased sales for your activities and courses. Your CE activities will be seen by highly motivated learners, since the online system filters only appropriate courses that align with an R.T.s individual educational needs.

  1. Create an account by clicking here (if your organization will have multiple users, the first account created becomes the account administrator)
  2. Review the Instructions
  3. Update your pre-loaded activities if given to ARRT by a RCEEM
  4. Upload requested information on RCEEM-approved activities