Updated Cardiac-Interventional Radiography Task Inventory, Clinical Requirements and Content Specifications Effective July 1, 2017

(September 8, 2016) — Since certification examinations are required to be practice related, ARRT periodically conducts a job analysis to make certain that the certification examination content specifications and the clinical requirements remain comprehensive, accurate and fair. ARRT, with the help of the professional community, reviews the certification documents every five years.

In July 2016, the ARRT Board of Trustees approved the changes to the following documents, which go into effect on July 1, 2017.

Overview of Changes to the Task Inventory

Overview of Changes to the Content Specifications for examinations administered after July 1, 2017.

Overview of Changes to the Clinical Experience Requirements

Direct any questions about these proposed changes to ARRT staff at (651) 681-3150.

Documents Effective July 1, 2017

Task Inventory for Cardiac-Interventional Radiography Content Specifications for Cardiac-Interventional Radiography Examination Cardiac-Interventional Radiography Clinical Experience Requirements