Software Error Affects Display of Certain Documents on ARRT Website

For Immediate Release
Technical Contact: Phil McCullough
Exam Content Contact: Beverly Tupper

St. Paul, Minnesota, Dec. 23, 2016 — ARRT recently discovered a software error in the equipment supplied by one of our vendors. It may have caused certain documents on our website to display incorrectly.

The documents on the website are stored as files in Portable Document Format (PDF). The software in question compresses PDF files. The software error caused display problems for a small number of documents on our website when viewed using some web browsers. The display problem has been resolved, but it may have affected the viewing or downloading of four documents on

The document most affected was the January 2017 ARRT Content Specifications for the Radiography Examination. That document might have displayed improperly for people who accessed it using Google Chrome as a desktop web browser between Aug. 25 and Nov. 11, 2016. Specifically, Sections B.5. and B.6. on Page 4, under Radiation Physics and Radiobiology, might have been missing. You can see the problems and the proper display of information for all four of the documents here.

Although ARRT was unable to test all web browsers, we found:

The problem wasn’t the web browsers themselves, but the way in which the files were compressed. The fact that some browsers displayed the documents accurately, while others didn’t, is a function of how the browsers manage such files.

As a result of this display problem, ARRT has contacted all candidates who are registered to take the ARRT Radiography examination after Jan. 1, 2017, and all Program Directors of Radiography educational programs that partner with ARRT to prepare students to become radiologic technologists. We suggested that those people verify they have the complete version of the January 2017 ARRT Content Specifications for the Radiography Examination. The version posted on ARRT’s website now displays accurately.

People who have technical questions or need help determining whether they experienced the issue should call Phil McCullough, ARRT Director of Information Technology, at 651.681.3134. People who have questions related to exam content should call Beverly Tupper, ARRT Exam Development Coordinator, at 651.681.3150.

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